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Our (sort of) Magnificent Obsession


Years ago we invented and patented a really cool/simple almost caveman-basic get-you-wet toy. We're fully convinced getting people wet is crazy/safe fun. We also invented SPLASH OUT and countless other Water Toys. We invented and held patents on WATER GAME MATS. Meanwhile WETHEAD is our fave.

WETHEAD's complete story might get told someday, but not here nor now.

The story is rather miraculous and crazy. Suffice to say, after inventing perhaps hundreds of games, in humility we can say that the "WETHEAD-Function" of releasing water onto a kids' head, is crazy-safe and proven to be FUN to WATCH, FUN to PLAY and in these Online/Social-Media Days - FUN to POST and to WATCH Online.

WETHEAD has garnered several hundreds of millions of youtube views, confirming the play pattern and also cementing the success of the brand name "WETHEAD". You know you have an online sensation when influencers post videos without getting paid to love your product. Many influencers did that! 

(full disclosure: a few influencers did get paid by one prior licensee)

WETHEAD and SPLASH OUT are registered tm's of Rudell Design, btw

Wethead logo wix bkgrnd.jpg
CNET screenshot from vid 01.06.24.jpg


We have FUNction - our GET WET GAME Penalty for the biggest AR category: GAMING

'24 looks to be an AR kind of year, with mighty companies entering the arena with mighty fine products. And GAMING continues to be THE dominant AR category. We put the FUN in FUNCTION

The Journey from

Originally a simple pull-a-rod and get-wet product, we began seeing folks posting themselves playing WETHEAD and using OUR product as the PENALTY-PAYOFF event for other games and gaming challenges.

Answer a trivia question wrong, pull a rod. Lose an online game of FR*GGER, pull a rod. Bet your opponent 2 rods you can out-survive them during F*RTNITE. BRILLIANT!

THINK ABOUT IT - People love:

REWARDS for winning a competition, and

WATCHING (fun/safe) penalties for losing. 

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