What's New (and there's lots.....

It’s 2020. Our world continues to shake (as biblically promised, btw) and we continue here in Toyland, very much determined to continue shaking things up a bit

for kids. We love it when they’re engaged with our products, whether they’re getting wet, making up words, trying to solve puzzles, challenging one another to win or lose graciously, lost in imaginary play, throwing something high and far.

WETHEAD™ continues with the folks at Zing. 300+ MM view on YouTube and that number increases from Eastern Europe and other far away places. Our FLAG FOOTBALL™ appears to have a nice and interesting future: stay tuned. It is being marketed by Goliath. Our WADDLES THE WADDLES DUCK™ is quacking off the shelves at Walmart. GINORMOUS ROCKET™ is being marketed (launched!) by Mattel, available at Costco and elsewhere. BONELESS CHICKEN LAUNCH Game (hilarious!) is with the good folks at Far Out Toys and doing well under the RYAN Brand. They are also marketing our SPLASH OUT Ball and all that is attached to that brand, including HEAD SPLAT! Far Out also is introducing our SPIN BLAST FASHION STUDIO™, in case you've ever wanted to create spin art and then apply that art onto ANYTHING.

UPWORDS - our all-time favorite letter-tile stacking word game continues as a 4.8-star app (sooo close to 5-star perfect!) with the good folks at Lonely Star Software (for gamers to play on their phones and tablets) AND - here's the drumroll issue: The plastic game is now under license by Rudell Design to Spin Master Corporation, and on-shelf as well as available online. The newly designed game and package are spectacular! 

Once again, challenging and encouraging words for us all can be found in the eternal scriptures. God has been, and continues to be, so good to us all in leaving us His word, intact, for whoever would care to delve into it, in humility. The plan and timeline for the conclusion of this age is on course, as one might expect. It will happen whether or not most folks choose to press in to investigate the plan so we’re less taken by surprise. The more we see mankind (hey – where did the “kind” part of that word go?) trying to legislate more laws that contradict God’s laws, the more we can expect the exasperation of these days. Sort of goes like that, guaranteed. Happy are the people whose God is the Lord, said the psalmist.