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It’s 2023. Our world continues to shake (as biblically promised, btw) and we continue here in Toyland, very much determined to continue shaking things up a bit

for kids. We love it when they’re engaged with our products, whether they’re getting wet, making up words, trying to solve puzzles, challenging one another to win or lose graciously, lost in imaginary play, throwing something high and far.

All rights to WETHEAD™ are now under the control of Rudell Design. Certain patented embodiments are recently licensed and in development for production. WETHEAD Augmented and Virtual Reality embodiments, U.S. patented, are available. Seems like our great play pattern has outlived the popularity of some of the shows and celebrities who played with our creation. Meanwhile, WETHEAD's history of 300+ MM view on YouTube offers our current and future partner(s) notable brand recognition and consumer play-pattern love. New products include WIPE-OUT with the good folks at Character Options, UK, (who are also sublicensing UK rights to our SPLASH OUT, and our truly great-playing MUKBANG (tm) Game at Far Out Toys is fresh on the market, bolstered by 70 BILLION (yes, with a "B") online hashtag awareness confirmations. Our WADDLES THE WADDLES DUCK™ continues to quack off the shelves at Walmart. Our UPWORDS app developer and licensee Lonely Star Software last year released our neurotically urgent HURRY UPWORDS game for internet play. June 2023 HURRY UPWORDS launched on the website. This embodiment of our 10,000,000 unit selling UPWORDS play pattern is SO FAIR for both players, you can bet on it! Far Out Toys is also marketing our SPLASH OUT Ball (Walmart!) in the U.S. and also some other countries. 

Spin Master, our good friends/worldwide licensee of UPWORDS™ enjoys all worldwide rights to our favorite word game and are introducing new PACKAGING and also a convenient travel version with a swell plastic case that folds out into a swell plastic gameboard. 

Once again, sobering, challenging and also encouraging words for us all can be found in the eternal scriptures. God has been, and continues to be, so good to us all in leaving us His word, intact, for whoever would care to delve into it, in humility. The plan and timeline for the conclusion of this age is on perfect course, as one might expect. It will happen whether or not most folks choose to press in to investigate the plan and align their own lives with the Creator/Inventor of the Universe - the One who therefore holds sovereign patent rights over all things. The more we see mankind (hey – where did the “kind” part of that word go?) trying to legislate more laws that contradict God’s laws, the more we can expect the consternation and troubles of these days. Sort of goes like that, guaranteed. Happy are the people whose God is the Lord, said the psalmist, now more than ever...


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